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It is an excellent way to know all about AK Mishra's Art of Success model and the best part is that it is actually free of cost!

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About Success Guru AK Mishra

About Success Guru AK Mishra

Indomitable will power, never say die attitude and belief in his mission are the hallmark of AK Mishra, the Founder and Managing Director of Chanakya Academy Group, which is a conglomerate of Chanakya IAS Academy, flagship company (since 1993), Chanakya Academy for SSC/banking & other Government jobs and Chanakya Publications. Understanding and analyzing human behavior at different stages of life in different circumstances is what enticed, Success Guru AK Mishra to establish two more business verticals which are “AK Mishra’s Art of Success – a life transformation training company & Non-profit Organization “AK Mishra Foundation”. For more than 2 decades, he has been inspiring youth with his motivational lectures, and he is fondly known as Success Guru AK Mishra. His tried and tested approach towards leading a successful life, where one lives on one’s terms and conditions and not driven by circumstances has inspired many over the years and resulted in such a large scale of conglomerate....Read More


Everyday a new day - Inspire

When you start something new, that too on your own, then people take your idea with a pinch of salt and that’s what happened with Mr AK Mishra as well. But what kept him going was the Inspiration. Learn More

Formula of Success

Those who dream of success acquire it at any point in life, often by the dint of hard work or because they bring it to reality and destiny then blesses them with it. However there is no single definition to success.Learn More

How to make most of our potential

One needs to discover unlimited potential within oneself. All inventions, discoveries and achievements in human civilizations are results of believers and hard work.Watch Now

Life Lover Club Section

The life lover’s club

Go beyond the ordinary, enjoy the spontaneity of life, taste the variety, know more people, make new friends and take moments out of the usual chase for higher income, better mate, delusional goals and much more by being a member of our Life Lover's Clubs. If living in a cocoon of endless complexities has kept you from experiencing the beauty of life then our Life Lover's Club is a one stop destination for you.

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The three companies

The three companies


About Chanakya Academy Group

It all started almost two decades ago, when I thought of having an institute where future democrats could be prepared.

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About AK Mishra’s Art of Success

AK Mishra’s Art of success is a life transforming functional model that aims to empower people to not just live life but celebrate its every moment.

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About AK Mishra Foundation

A fine synergy of one’s accountability to the society and nature, to Corporate Social Responsibility, to coming together for a cause, AK Mishra foundation is a blend of all this put together.

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  • My Business grew 3 times.
    "My Business grew 3 times."
    Owais Ali
  • I identified love within myself.
    "I identified love within myself."
  • Life used to happen to me, today I happen to life.
    "Life used to happen to me, today I happen to life."
  • I renewed my inner self
    "I renewed my inner self"
  • I transformed my relation with my daughter.
    "I transformed my relation with my daughter."
  • Targets became achievements..
    "Targets became achievements.."

Book A free success session

Book A free success session

an excellent way to know all about AK Mishra's Art of Success model and the best part is that it is actually free of cost! To book your free session of ‘Art of Success’ all you need to do is fill the following information.

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