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Art of Success for Life Lovers


Life Lovers Club aims at liberating people from unusual chase and unwarranted desire for higher income, better mate, delusional goals and help them delve into the world of countless possibilities where you will experience the spontaneity of life, taste the variety, know more people and make new friends. So if you are maxed out on mind-numbing worldly affairs and want to explore the real beauty of life then our Life Lovers Club is a one-stop destination for you.

A membership of the Life Lovers Club instantly makes you a member of a large community of awesome people and a whole calendar year brimming with path breaking events, fests and even parties.

Your mind is a garden, fill it with beautiful fragrance of positivity which in turns will reflect in the outer world and spread amongst your relationships.

--Success Guru AK Mishra

Training Eligibility

Suitable for all those who want to enjoy the spontaneity of life, taste the variety, know more people, make new friends and take moments out of the usual chase. Age is no bar to enroll in Life Lovers Club.

AOS for Life Lovers Club

Well, why should you associate with Life Lovers Club is a great question. Our approach is radical and intends to recreate optimized working environment (ROW). We adore colours and bring colours and happiness in the lives of those who join hands with us. Status quo is the biggest impediment to discover the true essence of life so we love challenging the status quo. We spur each other to outperform and achieve coup. Age is no bar to enroll in Life Lovers Club, all you should have is an ardent and undying desire to derive maximum out of life and cheerful heart.

Our uncanny zeal is to fill your life with unfathomable happiness and mop up all the unnecessary anxieties and vexation from your mind that bugger up your life. Our pathbreaking approach at AK Mishra’s Art for Life Lovers Club help you get into unchartered territories of life and bolster your morale.

We all have a great sense of humor and belongingness and instantly form an everlasting bond of friendship. We all are creative, open to new ideas and concentrate on problem solving approach that help sail through the difficulties of life swimmingly. Should you wish to join us and embark this life full of compassion and commitment? Life Lovers Club action packed eve is indeed a best perk for yourself and your personal life. Moreover the networking helps you the most in your businesses and professional life.

You’ll get to sing, dance, and play in our brain stimulating laboratory with our trainers

Success Stories

What Participants Gained

What Participants Gained  It’s really an amazing experience being a part of Life lovers club. Music, love, laugh, positivity, friendship, relations, I transformed my entire personality with Life Lover’s club.

I must say, life lovers club will change your entire outlook towards life and you will discern that life has beautiful things in store for you. Life lovers club helped me recognize the things that peter down enthusiasm in life. At life lovers club, I learned to manage my emotions, overcome my sorrows and rise above ordinary things in life.

Life Lovers Club inspires us to the hilt and helps us discover the real joy of life. Especially the mediation session was splendid. I also get a good fix on improving relationships and ways to derive more out of life. I still practice that meditation every day to pep up my entire day.

If there ever existed a manual for Life, then that would be surely Life Lovers club introduced by AK Mishra’s Art of Success. There is something with this club that will shake you to the core. I believe there is nothing to stop us from achieving greatness beyond our wildest, most optimistic drunken dreams. And this believe is the outcome of being a part of Life Lover’s Club.

We all have a great sense of humour and belongingness towards each other. At Life Lovers Club I learned to cast aside unnecessary vexations and firmly rooted wrong values which keep bothering us and it won’t be exaggerating to call Life Lovers Club a paradigm of perfection where human values are mastered and revived. Our seasoned trainers at Life Lovers Club do not saddle you with the same outlandish training sessions. Instead, you are engaged in singing, dancing and playing in addition to learn long-forgotten human values which are essential to living a contented and peaceful life.

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