Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AK Mishra’s Art of Success?

AK Mishra’s Art of Success is a life transformation training organization which is a blend of psychological study, Neuro linguistic programming, certified trainers, and soul & body transformation yoga to provide audience a transformational experience, moreover a clearer approach towards living an extraordinary, fulfilled and a meaningful life.

2. What are the benefits of the training?

AK Mishra’s Art of Success is a method whereby an individual is helped to remove the obstacles in their life which is blocking their success in business, family, spirituality, relationships or any other spheres of life.

Our Foundation Course, “Take Charge of Life” works at the core of your inner self and help your discover your true purpose of life, works at your brain power and empower you with the tools to create the life you love to live.

Our specialization course based on our 6 modules helps you improve your primary relationships, be if at professional front or personal.

With our 6 training modules, we yearn to inject extraordinary traits and skills in our audience, which allow every individual, live a remarkable life.

For Successful: Self- discovery, achievements, inspiration, experience of an adventurous journey

For teenagers: Goal Setting, self-development, ability to make right choices, emotional balance

For parents: guidance for the right conditioning of your kids, better nurturing of kids, exuberance

For Aspirers: Achievement of Goals, Realization of inherent potential, right guidance to walk towards your ambitions and achievements, groom your personality

For Your relationships: tips to strengthen your relationships, elimination of insecurities, harmony in your relationships

For Professionals: Strategic Transformation, Skill set coaching, management training

Finally, our advanced course, “Leadership Programme” enables you to present yourself to the world with wisdom, help you improve your tertiary relationships and makes you ready to lead the world with your wisdom with a perfect balance in your emotions and materialistic desires.

3. How many trainings AOS has conducted till now and what was the result?

AK Mishra’s with over 25 years of experience in motivational trainings have been conducting numerous trainings on our various modules for professionals, for parents, for aspirers, for teenagers, for any individual. Some of our clientele list is there in the homepage of our website too. You can also view our numerous motivational training videos on our YouTube channel, i.e., Success Guru AK Mishra.

4. Can we meet one of the past attendees?

Yes, AOS will be more than happy to get you connected with all our members and alumnus.

5. What is the process of the training and who are the trainers?

Before we provide the training, we evaluate the major area of concerns and pain areas which the participants might aware of must confront during the training. We evaluate these concerns through our Psychometric test and Pre evaluation form, which happens 7 days prior to the training. Based on those analyses, we design our training material, and begin the training with our basic foundation course “Take Charge of Life”, which is a one stop solution to all the concern and problems of the participants.

Our motivational speaker, Mr. AK Mishra, inventor and director of AK Mishra’s Art of Success, who is fondly known as Success Guru AK Mishra amongst his audience, being the chief speaker of our training programmes caters the audience with such astonishing facts about the Human brain power and the potentialities, which a common person does not be able to realize in such day to day ordinary life. Our trainings are based on the trademark Model of AK Mishra’s Art of Success “Human software development programme”, which says, as a computer cannot work without software and for different results it needs specific software, so happens with human brain. We all need human software, their maintenance and upgradation every day in order to get desired results and to keep growing in our life. The level of progress, peace and happiness depends on the level of our software.

Our AK Mishra’s Art of Success session has an ultimate motive of re-programming the Human brain while breaking out the old conditioning and programming of mind. After providing a transformational experience to the participants with our Take Charge of Life training programme, we do metrics to select the participants for further specialization training based on our 6 modules.

Our 6 specialization Modules are

We have certified trainers who are master in clinical psychology, NLP and life transformational trainings, who work closely to bring an amazing transformation in individual’s life.

6. What is the fee structure of the training?

Our Foundation Course, Take Charge of Life session costs Re. 15,000 per Participant for enrolling for 3 days complete session.

Our Specialization Course costs Re. 25,000 per Participant for 3 days session.

Our Advanced Course, Leadership Programme is a customized programme, to know the details about our Advanced course, kindly call on our board line.

7. How can we enrol for the training?

You can visit our website for online registration or visit our office physically for registration where in payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card or cheque drawn in favour of AK Mishra’s Art of Success Pvt. Ltd.

And in case of further knowledge about our training programmes, you can schedule a meeting with us as well.

For more details, Please call on: +91-999 010 7766

8. What are the eligibility criteria of the training?

Minimum age limit for this training is 15 years. But our specialization courses "Art of Success for Teenagers" is moduled for the participants of 13yrs of age or above.

9. Do you provide any free introduction session for this training?

Yes, Introductory workshop on TCL is available for free, which we conduct on weekends. To register yourself for free introductory training session, please call on the mentioned below number:-

Mobile Number – +91-999 010 7766

10. What are the chances that we will be benefited from this training?

The traits of the training will remain with you for life time as this training is followed by practice session as well. And this is such a training which cannot be defined in words; one has to practically experience it to realize that transformation which will remain with you for lifetime.

11. Duration or Itinerary of the training?
  • Our Introductory TCL is for 1 day
  • Complete session on Take Charge of Life is for 3 days
  • Our Specialization course is for 3 days
  • Our Advanced course is divided into three phases

Hence, the training ranges for 1 month to 3 months

12. For how long does the impact of the training last?

The impact of the training will last with you for life time and you will start living the life you always wanted to. The training will help you create new possibilities of life while enabling you to access wider dimensions of life.