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Art of Success for Relationship


Often it’s the bondage of our own emotions that keep us away from getting maximum out of any relationship. Be it our relationship with our spouse, children, parents, friends or colleagues, we all encounter doubt, insecurity, inhibition, jealousy and many such emotions that may affect our relationship.

A broken relationship may shake our confidence leaving us dejected and in self-doubt. Needless to say, it’s worth investing in one’s relationship to stay connected to people at a deeper level and draw all the strength that a good relationship offers.

In this end, our Art of Success for Human Relations aims to develop you as a leader, manager, facilitator and a problem solver through our specially designed workshops and seminars. Seasoned trainers using path-breaking training methodologies endow you with skills that will help you connect with people in a meaningful way.

At the outset of the training session, our distinguished panels of experts work over your relationships and try to find out the issues owing to which your relationship is suffering. Considering the issues underlying the crises of relationship, our trainee's design sessions that enable you to move beyond conventional ways of acting, thinking and behaving.

Ego is a very serious enemy of love.

--Success Guru AK Mishra

Training Eligibility

This module is best suited for professionals between the age group of 18-35 years of age

AOS for Relationship

AOS for Human Relations is meant for those who have already undergone AK Mishra foundation course- Take Charge of Life that unshackles the consciousness of previous conditioning and reprograms your mind to take challenges of life. AOS for Human Relations course not only mend the disturbed relationships but also make you learn to build everlasting healthy relationships

Success Stories

What Participants Gained

I noticed throughout the Seminar that AK Mishra Sir has in-depth understanding of human psychology. After attending the session, my complete outlook towards life has changed and now I can certainly improve my relationships with others. Mr. AK Mishra taught me right approach to connect and build relationships with people.

Throughout the session, I marveled at the way Mr. Mishra explained about human relationships and I am determined to disseminate his priceless words to people without any intention of return favor. Especially, the law of karma, described by Mr. Mishra was just splendid.

We are not entangled in relationships with one who we know but with all human beings. Simply a smile of kindness can make a massive difference in one’s life. AK Mishra’s Art of Success session rocks, it was just a life changing experience.

The trainers at AK Mishra’s Art of Success session amazingly described human tendencies and relationships with live examples, videos, and stories. His training session helped me learn the basics of human relations.

After attending AK Mishra’s Art of Success session, I have been able to better my relationships with everybody, especially with my father, as we always use to cross swords. But now we developed a very amicable relationship wherein there is no room for hatred or arguments. AK Mishra Sir is indeed a wizard can make anything possible.

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