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Art of Success for Teenagers


Teenagers, nowadays, come across many trying situations which often morph them into a rebel or rule breaker. Stepping into the outside world right from the protected environment of the home also is a harrowing experience to some teens. Cut-throat competition and pressure to build successful career further add to their woes.

Teens are prone to make mistakes while making decisions related to their work, relationships or education. Mistakes can either morph a teen into a strong adult or feeble personality. Fierce competition coupled with exceeded expectations of the parents’ further augment their problems. Parents expect them to give an over-the-top performance in all spheres of life and reach the ladder of success too early.

Teenagers also need to enhance their skill-set in order to keep themselves abreast of the highly competitive business world and contemporary trends. Constant updating of skills and knowledge of skills is utmost important to keep the employability quotient high and climb the ladder of success.

We grow against problems and challenges. Hence we should take a problem or a challenge as an indication and opportunity for betterment

--Success Guru AK Mishra

Training Eligibility

Suitable for teenagers between the age of 12 – 17 years

AOS for Teenagers

To this end, our AOS for teenagers through its unique workshop-style interactive seminars create a transformational mindset and skills that help teenagers lead epic happy lives. It’s designed to train adolescents to be visionaries and problem solvers and take charge of their lives.

To draw maximum from AOS for teenagers it’s recommended to undergo a transformational life programming seminar of AK Mishra — Take charge of the life. The session sets the stage for higher transformation experience by helping you do away with preconceived notions and preparing you for a complete life-changing experience.

Success Stories

What Participants Gained

AOS training session for teenagers was exceedingly well and transcended my expectations. I discerned to set a realistic goal and ways to attain it.

AK Mishra Sir inspired me to the hilt. Like me he also hails from a small town and reached the pinnacle of success. Now, I have completely done away with the notion that our background anyhow blocks our chances of getting success. It was amazing to know that he has got very fair understanding of human psychology of all age-groups.

The best thing I learnt from AK Mishra’s Art of Success programme is management. He briefly defined time management, energy management, and human relation. It was just wonderful attending the session and I would suggest each and every teenager to attend this amazing programme and get transformed surprisingly

While attending the training session, I felt that AK Mishra Sir is narrating my life story and offering solutions. I have attended many motivational lectures before as well but A K Mishra’s art of Success training sessions is unique and transcended my expectations.

Every day we should wake up with a thought that this day is another gift of God for us, and we have to do something new this day, to add some new to our life. The way AK Mishra sir discussed about the thrills of life, the challenges, and the tiffs with parents at teenage, I was feeling like my parents should sit and listen to understand our points which AK Mishra sir so clearly defined in words which we could never.

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